gateway: a phygital experience at palazzo bandello 


Displayed at Palazzo Bandello on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, GATEWAY by Arturo Tedeschi is a unique ‘phygital’ experience created as part of the meta_WASTE project by C-VERSO and RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC 2022 initiative by Rossana Orlandi. Through the interaction between an ‘augmented’ installation and a digital platform, the artwork aims to raise awareness and educate users on web 3.0 and NFTs, promoting an active participation and understanding of related processes (crypto wallet, gas fee, minting, drop). 





altering the ‘augmented’ installation via NFT collectibles


Specifically, GATEWAY by Arturo Tedeschi (see more here) is a voxel-based and 3D-printed installation augmented through a generative projection mapping that adds a digital skin over the physical object. Visitors can become co-creators of the artwork through a mechanism typical of the NFT world, where modules of the 3D-printed sculpture have a digital twin collectible in the form of a non-fungible token. By collecting an NFT, the installation is altered via projection mapping. 

gateway 1



a collective experience using a low waste energy blockchain 


At the end of Milan Design Week, the digital skin of GATEWAY became a collective experience where the virtual has influenced the physical. ‘Equally rejecting celebrations or demonization, GATEWAY has the final goal to bring people closer to blockchain technology and its forms of expression. Moreover, the project embraces the novel Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and the use of a low energy waste blockchain (Tezos), both promoting a conscious experience and a guiltless approach to the NFT world,’ concludes Tedeschi. 

gateway 2
a 3D-printed installation augmented through an interactive projection mapping



His eco-conscious vision directly echoes C-VERSO‘s meta_WASTE philosophy to use ‘clean NFTs’, and Rossana Orlandi’s RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC initiative to engage designers and creative communities to give new life to plastic waste and all other kind(s) of waste.’ The phygital installation was also a creative contribution of Edoardo Olivetto, Gianluca Pugliese, and Paride Stella.

gateway 5
the custom app showing the voxels collected as NFTs (red ones)



gateway 9
one of the NFTs received by users, showing a creative interpretation of ‘GATEWAY’ within Palazzo Bandello

gateway 10

gateway 11






visitors can become co-owners of the installation through a custom app
visitors can become co-owners of the installation through a custom app
GATEWAY by arturo tedeschi is a phygital piece promoting ‘guiltless approach to NFT world’
the booked voxels turn red, both in the app and in the physical sculpture
the booked voxels turn red, both in the app and in the physical sculpture
3D model used for the 3D printing process
3D model used for the 3D printing process
3D model: details of tags and connections
3D model: details of tags and connections

project info:



location: Palazzo Bandello, Milan, Italy
artist: Arturo Tedeschi

sound design: Carlo Covelli – Superdope 

web app: Gianluca Del Gobbo – Flyer

creative coding: Edoardo Olivetto – Edohard 
graphics and communication: Ilaria Marzano – Humap

3D printing: Gianluca Pugliese – Lowpoly
curator and design advisor: Federica Sala
NFT designer: Paride Stella



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom