‘FLUX – JACK’ sculpture / organic, dynamic, kinetic object

by JAN PAUL from netherlands

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rare beauty in common objects

Numerous experiments with materials and shapes resulted in a new production method: “Flux”
Flexible steel tubes are shaped by hand and become strong and rigid after curing.

Each item is handcrafted, partly shaped without the use of any molds or machinery.
“Human manual 3D printing”
Making each object a unique piece.

The shape is created free-formed by hand and bound by the flexible characteristics and radius of the material.
The “Flux”-series consists of organic, dynamic and kinetic objects that are inspired by nature.

The way that plants, trees, organisms and rivers meander, multiply, grow and flow.
Seemingly random and chaotic, but following destinate paths.

FLUX -jack

sculpture / organic, dynamic, kinetic object

The base is shaped like a box. The lit seems to be forced open by steel chaos, organically flowing, wriggling, and coiling to freedom.

material: flexible stainless steel tubes / steel / composite / PVC /

unique item
width: 45 cm. / 17,7 inch.
Height: 135 cm. / 53,15 inch.
Depth: 45 cm. / 17,7 inch

boxshape dimensions: 24x24x24 cm.
color: chrome finish

object weight: 40 kg / 88 lbs

signed and documented by artist

bespoke custom made objects on request


Bovenstraat 8
Maastricht 6223AD netherlands

Creator of objects, eye-candy, and conversation-pieces.

JAN PAUL” is created as a platform for more personal, conceptual, autonomous, and experimental designs. Crossing over boundaries between design and art. Setting work free from boxes and demands.

“I want to create with no concessions and fully explore and crystallize the ideas I have. One idea turns into a clean sleek designed table , the other into a sculptural object without a specific function. Reoccurring themes and directions of thought are the beauty of multiplicity, the marvel hidden in everyday objects, reinterpretation of icons ,exploring the boundaries of new materials, creating the new from the existing.“

The collection consists of objects, furniture, lighting and functional art, made in small series, limited editions and one-of-a-kind’s.Organically growing and carefully directed. The small and exclusive collection is produced in the Netherlands. All work for sale through the website and selected dealers and galleries.


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